La Conquista del Tomate


I harvested these beautiful tomatoes this morning from my garden and they inspired me to write this poem. Since tomatoes originated in the Andes, I decided to write the poem in Spanish first and translate it into English afterwards. Wow little did I realize how difficult it is to translate poetry from Spanish to English!  It’s not just about translating the words, but translating the essence!  To learn more about the tomato’s journey around the world, click here.

This poem is dedicated to all the tomato lovers, cooks, poets and nomads traversing the globe. Special thanks to Ivan Chaquea from Colombia for editing the Spanish version.

La Conquista del Tomate
by Roshani Kothari, September 6, 2014

Me escapé de noche
de las montañas frías de los Andes
Me fui primero al calor de México
pero allá no me detuve!
Me sorprendí un poco encontrar
que no importa donde fuera
todos se enamoraban de mi.
Pero no podía quedarme en un solo lugar
Me bañe en la luz dorada de la puesta del sol
y me preparé para mi próximo viaje
Cuando la luna salió y me dio un beso
continué mi viaje hacia España, Italia, Medio Oeste,
África y la India…
En todo lugar dejé un par de hijos y hijas
para continuar mi destino
Conquistando el mundo con mi sabrosura
a veces muy dulce, a veces agria y a veces agridulce
y con mis colores maravillosos rojos, naranjos, amarillos
que nadie podía resistir
así complete mi destino seduciendo al mundo!

Tomato Journeys
by Roshani Kothari, September 6, 2014

I escaped during the night
from the cold Andes mountains
to the warmth of Mexico
but I didn’t stop there!
I was a little surprised to find out
that no matter where I went
People fell in love with me
But I couldn’t just stay in one place
I bathed in the golden light of the setting sun
and prepared for my next journey
When the moon rose and gave me a kiss
I continued on my journey to Spain, Italy, the Middle East,
Africa and India…
Everywhere I went I left sons and daughters
to continue my destiny
Seducing the world with my delicious juiciness
sometimes very sweet, sometimes sour, and sometimes sweet and sour
dressed in bright red, orange and yellow
Alas no one could resist me
and so I go on fulfilling my destiny and
seducing the world!

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