Exhibit: Plant Journeys

Join me in this journey not to another country, but to another kingdom–the Plant Kingdom! Gardening is both rewarding and challenging for me. I am always learning new things. For example, it is so important to continually build and nourish the soil. Gardening is not just about growing plants, but growing the soil. Check out the film Symphony of the Soil. Also it is so important to have plants that help to sustain beneficial insects, like bees, to help pollinate crops. Open-pollinated seeds are important because they allow people to save seeds. I am appalled at what Monsanto is doing worldwide with their patented seeds and pesticides. They pretend like they are helping farmers, but instead they are wreaking havoc on rural communities worldwide and putting our global food supply in serious jeopardy. Check out Seed Savers and Millions Against Monsanto.  Want to test your Plant IQ? Take the Plant IQ quiz.

Plant Journeys – Images by Roshani Kothari

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