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Garden Stories – Garlic Scapes Adventure

Garlic farmers have to be very patient.  You plant one garlic bulb and it magically tranforms into a full head of garlic, but how long does it take?  Typically you plant around October 31 Halloween and it will be ready to harvest close to July 4 Independence Day, close to 8 months!

Today as I inspected my garden, I noticed there were garlic scapes already forming.  They blend in so well that sometimes they are hard to spot.  It’s absolutely essential that you cut the scapes off, so the plant puts its energy into the garlic bulb, the root, and not the scape, the flower.

So I had these beautiful tender scapes, now what?  I decided to check for scape recipes online and stumbled across this vegan garlic pesto recipe and decided to try it out.  I boiled some fusilli pasta and voila, I had some delicious garlic scapes pesto pasta.

Now I just have to patiently wait as the head of garlic is fully grown, so it can be unearthed to be enjoyed wholeheartedly!

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